Energy Futures

Moving towards clean energy and energy efficiency are important for reducing the growing emissions of CO2 from today’s common energy sources.  EERA's modeling tools allow users to conduct total fuel cycle analyses that account for energy use and emissions along the entire fuel production and use pathway including feedstock acquisition and transportation, fuel production and delivery, and fuel use.  Total fuel cycle analysis is extremely important in the transportation sector where many fuels exhibit high emissions and energy use in the “upstream” stages of their fuel cycles.


Sample Project

New York State Sustainable Energy Roadmap

This project involved analyses corresponding to New York’s interest in expanding its biofuel industry.  As part of that project, EERA conducted total fuel cycle analyses for different alternative fuels, as well as comprehensive transportation and logistics analysis for how to move biofuel feedstock and fuel around the state efficiently and effectively (looking at a combination of truck, rail, and barge).