Technology Systems

Technology Evaluations

EERA has detailed knowledge of technology systems and can evaluate technologies from both performance and cost perspectives.  We often integrate technology evaluations into decision support models for better decisions by businesses and agencies.  We have developed optimization models that can recommend robust sets of technologies and technology combinations that satisfy multiple objectives or meet alternate constraint scenarios. 

Computer Modeling Packages
The EERA team has expertise in a variety of off-the-shelf models and designs original models for specific client needs and platforms.  Modeling platforms that we use include:

  • Spreadsheet modeling and solver optimization
  • Spreadsheet-based decision analysis under uncertainty
  • Optimization modeling (linear and nonlinear)
  • Dynamic simulation modeling
  • Geospatial network modeling
  • Statistics, regression, analysis, and forecasting

Estimating and Mitigating Emissions and Environmental Pollutants

For both mobile and stationary sources related to transportation modes, terminals, facilities, and ports, the EERA team can analyze the impacts of various technology policy decisions based on quantitative analysis of energy and combustion technologies.  Our expertise ranges from simple spreadsheet models specific for your needs, to existing environmental software packages (e.g., EPA's MOVES model, DOE's GREET model, etc.), to optimization modeling that can identify preferred ways to meet your emissions and environmental goals.